A driving force behind everything at the Wood Yard is to try to keep things as carbon minimal as possible. This has been the case since the furniture business was created 10 years ago. We would like to leave our planet better than we found it.

As a smaller saw mill we are able to process what many larger mills would consider as waste or not worth their while to touch. This includes trees from farms, estates, tree surgeons and the general public. A large mill would not consider a batch of three trees from a farmer as economical. We however relish the opportunity to engage with the public and secure our supply of locally sourced, sustainable timber.

The vast majority of the trees we deal with have been storm damaged or have posed a health risk to the public. We do our best never to cut a healthy tree down, better we leave it and generations to come can enjoy it.

All of our timber comes from within 25 miles of the workshop in Stirling and we can tell you the exact location and provenance of every board or table we sell.

If your preference is for storm damaged or problem trees we can offer a comprehensive range of local, sustainably sourced and carbon minimal timber for your needs.