I have always been a rather large fan of nature in general and trees in particular. Then, one day I accidentally created a piece of furniture by melding some nature and a salvaged sewing machine stand together.

This started my furniture business, where I tried to work with nature and natural form rather than fighting against it. From here it was natural progression for me into milling my own timber. Originally this was done by myself, various friends and a lot of help from an Alaskan chainsaw mill.

The timber side of the business has now grown to the point where I am able to share the raw material with other people. As the business has grown, so has my passion for what I do and it is made all the richer for the chance to share it with others.

I see my job as delivering a little slice of nature to the customer in all of its complexity, simplicity and glory. This is why we mill timber and make furniture at the wood yard.

Founder, David Mackay